Nothing is more stressful than being in a nightclub with a bunch of ladies who are grossed out by your presence, but don't give up. Among the crowd you will find your angel who longs to spend a wonderful night with you. Wave her over, let her in, let her save you from the hell of social anxiety.

Music used

Goth Club Dance Party (demo)


Dimitar Uzunov, Kasra Tahmasebi, Kimberly Liu, Jeppe Zapp

Global Game Jam 2017

This was a submission for Global Game Jam 2017 at ITU Copenhagen


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Linux 21 MB
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Sorry but this isnt even a game! SOOOOO not my tipe of game! Im into wierd games but this is just PHYSCOPATHIC! No offence but this game is friggin bad!

None taken :)

Weird slash cool :D

Weird, we know :) It's becoming our style, it seems. Thanks for checking it out, really appreciate it!

Gave it a go...

Hey, thanks man :) Fun video too