Alpha 3: Playable preview

Our third feature milestone!

I apologise in advance for the dreadful video quality below. My poor little ThinkPad needs an eGPU badly.

All right, so I said I was going to work on procedural animations, and I did. This is how that went:


That stuff is frustrating as @%$& to program. It's going on the back burner until I buy a shower cap to prevent myself from tearing my last remaining hair (singular) out. I still like it though, in that semi-masochistic sense that programmers tend to enjoy their work.

I shifted my focus onto making a playable preview of a level, which turned out to be a great idea, because that's pretty much the only way we can test this game. I consider that a solid win for common sense.

Here is a video of the playable preview:

Depending on how the upcoming tests go, we will either just build more game with what we currently have, or work on the procedural animations (gulp).

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Version 3 Aug 09, 2019

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